Wednesday, October 04, 2006

As a Republican, I Feel Betrayed

I hate Democrats and liberals. They seem to hate America, want to gleefully surrender to our enemies, crush us with taxes, tell us what we can think and how we should live, mangle our free-speech rights, overwhelm the nation with illegal immigrants, make us dependent on government, destroy big and small businesses, regulate us to death and turn us into a bunch of human cows to be bred, held captive and milked solely for the benefit of government.

And that’s why I now despise Republicans even more. Because of their incompetence, greed, corruption, arrogance, blind loyalty, inability to defend themselves and communicate with the American people—because to their total bumbling—in the past several years, there is a chance that Democrats will take control of both houses of Congress in November.

If that happens, we’re screwed. You’ll see the greatest war against the American people—against our free-speech rights, against our financial freedom, against our freedom to eat what we want, against our security and military—there has ever been. A party that is controlled by extreme left-wingers will try to impose its version of a government-mandated utopia on us all, and it’ll be frightening.

And we’ll have the Republicans to blame for it.

Americans revolted in 1994 when they threw the Democrats out of Congress and gave Republicans control of both houses. They were disgusted with the corrupt, arrogant, The-Government-Knows-What-Is-Best-For-You Democrats.

They were sick of ever climbing taxes that punished ingenuity, ambition, talent and hard work. They were sick of speech codes that told us we could no longer speak our minds and that we no longer had freedom of speech. They were sick of the party that hated and waged war against the military and the young men and women to defend us and keep us free. They were sick of the party that held American in contempt and blamed it for everything wrong in the world. They were sick of a party that, in the waning years of the Cold War, preferred to keep the people of Eastern Europe enslaved by the Soviets.

They were sick of being abused and tormented, and they elected Republicans to rescue them from their tormentors and enslavers.

With that election, with that electoral revolt, Republicans had one of the greatest opportunities to do good for a nation and its people that history has ever presented to a group of people in power. They had the opportunity to truly set people free. They had the chance to put government back into its cage and slam the door locked and shut for a long, long time. They had the chance to bring dignity, honor, honesty and a real concern for freedom, American and its people to Washington.

They had the opportunity, and they blew it.

As a result, we stand to be returned to the control of our tormentors. And if we are, it’ll be awful.

Squandering a golden opportunity, destroying trust that people have put in you—stabbing their hope in the heart with contempt, greed, corruption, incompetence and a love of power—is the worst crime of all.

Republicans slimed themselves up with tubby Newt Gingrich; puffy, money grubbing, Jack Abramoff; the crook, Duke Cunningham of California, slimy; plastic-haired Tom Delay; hypocrite Trent Lott; and now, I Want To Kiss Teenage Boys, Mark Foley of Florida.

They got in bed with power and greed.

Those term limit pledges in the Contract with America were deleted pretty quickly—probably after Republicans got wind of how many teenage pages there are in Washington.

The vows of restraining government were quickly broken with the $400 billion (and growing) prescription drug entitlement program that was an attempt to pander to oldsters.

They forced good candidates out of presidential primaries in favor of a rich kid who is inept at public speaking and a zero as a communicator, and they gave us a war that they never figured out how to win.

We asked for respect, decency, honor and competence in Washington, and we got arrogance, corruption, incompetence and contempt. We asked that they represent us, as freedom-loving, hard-working Americans who just wanted a chance to get ahead and keep more of the money we earn. Instead, they represented giant corporations.

We asked for Republicans in Washington, and instead, they turned into Democrats.

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Blogger Dennis said...

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10:01 AM  
Anonymous Bigfoot said...

Well Dennis, youre right for a change. But what we need is moderates from both parties. All the corruption in the Republican party will help clean out the bad guys. When a party has power for too long or too much of it -- thats not a good thing. FD Roosevelt had power for a long time and caused people to become Javits/Percy Republicans. Remember those guys? They were moderate Republicans. Now the Republican party has become a bunch of right wing fascists. Time for you to look for moderates in both parties. I agree with your goals. Lower taxes, real values, etc. This is SERIOUS!! No kidding around. Split your vote if you have to.

3:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dennis, this might be one of the dumbest opinion babbles i've ever read from someone who claims to once have been a journalist. You use labels even worse than mainstream media like "liberals" and "republicans" and "democrats" like a sixth grader in an essay class at an APS school. Democrats will destroy big and small business... cmon. The piece has no credibility when you do things like that over and over. When democrats and republicans are chevy's and fords, you think this is about the little boy sticker on the window where one company pisses on the other. The questions intelligent citizens should work on has more to do with "why do we have to buy trucks" not chevy's or fords. The issues facing humanity are serious and serious threats, but have nothing to do with party lines.

8:37 AM  

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